Led Zeppelin: The Fans’ Reaction

So, now you know what happened at the O2 tonight courtesy of our earlier blogs - but what did the fans think of Led Zeppelin's historic return? Here are the views of a selection of people we accosted on their way out of the mighty dome...oh, and here's the opinion of a bona fide rock star to start you off too.

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So, now you know what happened at the O2 tonight courtesy of our earlier blogs – but what did the fans think of Led Zeppelin‘s historic return?

Here are the views of a selection of people we accosted on their way out of the mighty dome…oh, and here’s the opinion of a bona fide rock star to start you off too.


Neil Finn, Crowded House

Did you have a good night?


It was fantastic, I thought they played really, really well. They looked really relaxed and I thought Jason Bonham did a really fine job. It was punishingly loud too, my ears will be ringing for days! But you know, that’s alright, it’s a big room. I thought Jimmy played really well – I’m not sure what the amp situation was, but I don’t want to stand here and find any fault with it – they looked great and they looked happy, what more could you ask for?

What was your favourite track tonight?

Oh god, there’s so many… Tonight I thought ‘Kashmir’ was a standout, as was ‘Rock And Roll’, ‘Trampled Underfoot’ and ‘Ramble On’, although that suffered a little early on from sound, I thought.

What was the chemistry like onstage?

I didn’t think they seemed too nervous, although you can be damn sure they were incredibly nervous before they started, and Jason Bonham especially. I loved that moment at the end of the night where they were standing around him as he did that big crazy solo at the end of ‘Rock And Roll’, and they were all facing him and smiling and he was really smiling back at them – there was good emotion, good heart in that moment, I thought, for a lost bandmate and a dad.

Amy Arnold, Minneapolis

You’ve travelled from Minneapolis to get here?

Yeah, I’ve come all the way from Minnesota. I had a bet with someone who thought they’d open with ‘Rock And Roll’, but I thought they’d open with ‘Good Times Bad Times’ and I was right! So now I’ve won money to help pay for my ticket!

Did you have trouble with transport when the gig was rescheduled?

A little bit, but not too bad, the airline were pretty good, they understood about the accident, so it worked out fine in the end.

Do you think they should go on tour now?

They’ve gotta do it! Robert’s voice is still very, very strong, Jimmy Page was phenomenal and Jason Bonham was just like his dad, he really brought out the feel. It was the best show ever, it really was worth traveling 5,000 miles for.

Would you have done it for any other band?

Hell no, just Led Zeppelin, just Led Zeppelin.

Gary and Dawn Wilson, Belfast

How was the gig?

It was awesome, fantastic, it lost nothing. In fact, it was better – I haven’t seen them live but I’ve heard them on live albums and I thought they were tighter tonight. The sound was great, Jimmy Page was like a 23 year-old rather than a 63 year-old! The crowd went mental, I think we’ve just missed the second encore. I don’t know what we got seats for, we were on our feet the whole time!

What was the highlight for you?

Our favourite moment would have to be ‘Stairway To Heaven’. It was brilliant all the way through, but that’s their signature tune, you know, so it’s got to be that one.

Shu, London

Did the gig live up to your expectations?

It was brilliant actually, the first couple of tunes I think they got a bit nervous, but when they played ‘In My Time Of Dying’ off ‘Physical Graffiti’ it was absolutely phenomenal. Jason got used to the room and everyone got together to sing the songs and it was unbelievable. ‘Kashmir’ came towards the end and that was a real treat, because we are used to the track off ‘Physical Graffiti’, but live it was brilliant!

Was it worth the money then?

Definitely, I wouldn’t have believed they would play for two hours, especially Jason. The last time they played it wasn’t very connected, but Jason obviously really studied what his father did, and the groove was just really there, wonderful.

Robert and Denise Youngman, Yorkshire

What did you think to tonight?

It was absolutely spot on, it just didn’t last long enough. Hopefully, they’ll do it again, that would be great. There were no dull moments, although I thought they’d have done a bit of an acoustic session, but they didn’t tonight. They didn’t really get into that side, which is a bit disappointing, but they’re great, really really good. Jimmy got his bow out too – looked a bit knackered did the lad, but he did well! It was well worth waiting for!

How did they compare to other live bands?

I’ve seen quite a few really good bands, but this was spot on, the fairy on the tree – it rounded a great year off, that did.

Mike Gallagher, Leytonstone

Did you enjoy it?

I’ve never been a big fan to tell you the truth. I thought maybe they were better as a live band rather than a recording band, but no, it wasn’t really my thing. The song’s went on for fifteen minutes, you know, it gets a bit boring. I’m more of a Beatles’ fan to be honest, so maybe I shouldn’t have turned up!

You must be glad you came now at least?

I’ve got a bad cold and I wanted to drop out actually, but I couldn’t. I’m glad I came though, I can say I’ve seen Led Zeppelin play live, that’s probably the only selling point for me. You know, excellent singer, excellent guitarist and excellent bassist, but the dynamics weren’t that great tonight.

Stuart, Robert, Eileen and Deborah, Glasgow

Did Led Zeppelin play for long enough?

It was more than enough! I’d say ‘Dazed And Confused’ was the best bit, it was quite a short version at ten minutes though. I’ve seen Page & Plant and I’ve seen John Paul Jones, but not together, so it was great to see them onstage together. They could have went up there and went ‘blahblahblah’ but I still would have been amazed.

Was there any onstage trickery?

Not really. The stage set looked like a modernised Led Zeppelin, very modern, very cool.

Greg Sowders, Los Angeles

Was it worth coming over from LA for?

Yes, it was more than worth it. I saw Led Zeppelin thirty years ago and it was more than worth the wait. I saw them at the Los Angeles Forum in 1977, everybody’s a little bit older, they seemed a little more sober and everyone played the parts right.

What was your favourite song of the night?

I’d say probably ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ was the best part. I used to be in a band called The Long Ryders and we used to play in London so it’s great to come back here and see Led Zeppelin!

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