John Lennon: 10 Classic Clips

On stage and in conversation

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Continuing our celebrations of John Lennon’s 80th birthday, here are 10 of our favourite clips of Lennon on stage and in conversation…

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Roundup interview; 30 April, 1964

“Strawberry Fields Forever” promotional video; 1967

Frost On Saturday; 24 August 1968

The Dick Cavett Show; September 11, 1971

“Instant Karma” live; Madison Square Garden, New York; August 30, 1972

“Come Together” live; Madison Square Garden, New York; August 30, 1972


The Old Grey Whistle Test interview; April 18, 1975

Tomorrow interview; April 28, 1975

“Nobody Told Me” promotional video; 1984

Gimme Some Truth, The Making Of John Lennon’s Imagine Album documentary; 2000

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