Listen to the dauntingly impressive second album from the Manchester duo, in full, here.

Manchester duo Andrew Chester and David Luke follow up on their extraordinary 2002 debut ‘Vulnerabilia’ with a second album, ‘No CV’, this month. A review of the album, in the August edition of Uncut, finds it Dauntingly impressive…After 10 minutes, they’re sharing Jeff Buckley’s range. After 20, they’ve outstripped Radiohead’s intricacy….

Discover the delights of the John Leckie co-produced, ‘No CV’, here on, via the links below:

‘Lonely’high / low

‘Stumble’high / low

‘Dig a Hole’high / low

‘Life’high / low

‘Steve’s Critique’high / low

‘The Boy I Used to Be’high / low

‘Don’t Go Where I’ve Been’high / low

‘Some Chemicals’high / low

‘Crystal Clear’high / low

‘Over You’high / low

‘Pulling Myself Together’high / low

‘Heart’high / low