Happy birthday, Bob Dylan! 10 great clips

Revisiting some great YouTube footage of Bob in action...

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As some of you might possibly know, it’s Bob Dylan’s birthday today. What a great excuse, then, to revisit some great Youtube clips of Bob in action…

I’ve tried to mix up some classic live performances with some lesser-seen clips, a couple of interviews, and I couldn’t not include a scene from Peckinpah’s Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid.

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“Mr. Tambourine Man”
(Live at the Newport Folk Festival, 1964)

“Like A Rolling Stone”
(from No Direction Home, 2005)

“Give the anarchist a cigarette…”
(from Don’t Look Back, 1967)


From Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
(dir: Sam Peckinpah, 1973)

“Tangled Up In Blue”
(from the Rolling Thunder Revue, 1976)

“Baby Let Me Follow You Down”
(with The Band, from The Last Waltz, 1978)

(with the Plugz, The Late Show With David Letterman, 1984)

“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”
(with Tom Petty, Sydney, 1986)

“Forever Young”
(The Late Show With David Letterman, 1993)

“You can’t do something forever…”
(60 Minutes interview, 2004)


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