The 33rd Uncut Playlist Of 2016

Yes, we really did play a Discharge album…

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A few things to flag up, as ever, not least the Padang Food Tigers/ Sigbjørn Apeland and Botany albums which get better and better, I think, the more I play them. The first has a kind of porch improv vibe that maybe recalls Duane Pitre’s rustic drone, the electro-acoustic duo of Mountains, and the mellower moments of Pelt, though Apeland is a harmonium player, so there’s a raga texture in there, too. Botany, meanwhile, creates billowing psychedelic constructs while using the cut-and-paste methodology of an old-school hip hop producer. Think a late entry into Eno’s Ambient series from DJ Shadow? Kin to Floating Points, too.

Feral Ohms, by the way, is Ethan Miller (Heron Oblivion, Howlin Rain etc) reconnecting with the full-force blastitude of Comets On Fire. Rest assured, I’ll post a track when one enters public domain…

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1 Lambchop – FLOTUS (City Slang/Merge)

2 NxWorries (Anderson Paak & Knxwledge) – Yes Lawd! (Stones Throw)


3 James Johnston – The Starless Room (Clouds Hill)

4 Light Fantastic – Out Of View (Spiritual Pajamas)

5 Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou – Madjafalao (Because Music)

6 Padang Food Tigers & Sigbjørn Apeland – Bumblin’ Creed (Northern Spy)

7 Botany – Deepak Verbera (Western Vinyl)

8 Norah Jones – Day Breaks (Blue Note)

9 Steve Hauschildt – Strands (Thrill Jockey)

10 Pony Hunt – Heart Creek (Hearth Music)

11 75 Dollar Bill – Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock (Thin Wrist)

12 Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Clay)

13 The Olympians – The Olympians (Other Hand/Daptone)

14 Feral Ohms – Live In San Francisco (Castle Face)

15 Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition (Warp)

16 Lambchop – Mr M (City Slang)

17 Various Artists – Let It Be: Black America Sings Lennon, McCartney And Harrison (Ace)

18 Sammus – Weirdo (Feat Homeboy Sandman) (Don Giovanni)

19 Tim Hecker – Love Streams (4AD)

20 Julius Eastman – Femenine (Frozen Reeds)


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