Trespassers William – Different Stars

Swoony Californian dreamscapes in the vein of Mazzy Star

June Tabor – An Echo Of Hooves

A return to traditional song, exquisitely sung, in a perfect setting

Various Artists – Just Because I’m A Woman: The Songs Of Dolly Parton

All-female tribute to country's First Lady features her own reworking of title track

Steve Earle – Early Tracks

Nashville legend's formative years unearthed

Walking Through The Clouds

After the voracious onslaught of The Jimi Hendrix Experience's debut, Are You Experienced, Hendrix throttled back a little. For the band's second album, Axis: Bold As Love, the sound was lither and more fluid, indicating that there was more to him than the faintly racist caricature of the sex-hungry, gimmick-happy Wild Man Of Rock. Rough glimpses of his burgeoning versatility and easy self-confidence are in evidence on this two-disc collection—though such is the quality of these outtakes that the emphasis is generally on rough.

Ronnie Lane – Ain’T No One Like

Those folky solo years of the late Face

Ocean Reign

Two nautical novels brought brilliantly to life in one action stunner

Big Trouble

John Cassavetes' last movie looks like 'one for the studio' compared to the ragged glories of his greatest independent films; in fact, Cassavetes claimed he was the film's director in name only. Though bland, it's still a bizarrely watchable spoof thriller, riffing on Double Indemnity, with Alan Arkin as the harassed insurance man who becomes involved in a scheme to bump off Beverly D'Angelo's husband, Cassavetes regular Peter Falk, so he can then afford to send his a cappella-singing musical prodigy triplets to university. Nuts, lightly salted.

Office Space

In 1999, Beavis & Butthead creator Mike Judge made his first foray into live action with this good-natured satire on the mind-numbing life of the white-collar worker. Ron Livingstone is the drone desperate to escape his corporate existence, whose attempts to get sacked leave a team of troubleshooters convinced he's management material. Jennifer Aniston co-stars. Over-looked, but often screamingly funny.

Movietone – The Sand And The Stars

Gorgeous fourth album from the subtlest band in Britain

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