Emotional, award-winning documentary on music and apartheid

Moonlight Mile

Named after the Rolling Stones song, this moody melodrama from the City Of Angels director went unacknowledged, despite Jake Gyllenhaal starring sharply on the heels of Donnie Darko, When his girlfriend dies, he finds her parents, Dustin Hoffman and Susan Sarandon, eager to bond with him through shared grief. He's ready to move on, but hasn't the heart to tell them. Actorly, but honest.


Todd Haynes' unforgivingly acrid blend of body horror and social satire sees Julianne Moore as the pampered Barbie-doll housewife who becomes violently allergic to the perms, sprays, snacks, Mercs, houses and parties that define affluent existence in the San Fernando Valley. Harsh attacks on crass materialism, dubious spiritualism and human frailty follow.

Ikiru – Sanjuro

A welcome release for three Akira Kurosawa classics from the BFI. In Ikiru, Takashi Shimura delivers a fine, understated performance as a dying bureaucrat. Sanjuro stars longtime Kurosawa collaborator Toshiro Mifune, playing mostly for laughs as the eponymous hero, a slovenly but experienced samurai who teams up with nine younger, idealistic warriors to defeat corruption in their town. The climactic duel shows the great Japanese director at his controlled, no-frills best.

The Lithium Project – Many Worlds Theory

Chilled follow-up to debut Passo Fundo

Lightning Strikes

Incandescent instrumental rock from Austin, Texas

Greek Choruses

Confrontational solo artist conceives simultaneous, equally inspired albums

Mick Softley – Songs For Swingin’ Survivors

First time on CD for long-neglected folk timepiece from '65

Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Press Color

After the superb Mutant Disco and No Wave compilations, stage two of the Ze reissue programme

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