Cool World

From 1992, good guy Brad Pitt and bad guy Gabriel Byrne are transported to another dimension (which just happens to be a Ralph Bakshi cartoon) where they vie for the affections of an animated version of Kim Basinger. It's Roger Rabbit without the jokes: dumb, dull, dire, and a criminal waste of money.

Exorcist II: The Heretic

William Friedkin's original was dazzling, intelligent and scary; John Boorman's train wreck of a sequel is none of the above. Richard Burton is at his hammiest as the priest investigating the death of Father Merrin at the end of the first movie, Louise Fletcher plays Regan's psychiatrist, and the screenplay is one of the worst ever committed to paper. Avoid.

E.S.T. – Seven Days Of Falling

Marvellous third album from Swedish jazz trio

Albert Lee – Heartbreak Hill

Affectionate Emmylou Harris tribute from her former guitarist

Two Lone Swordsmen – Peppered With Spastic Magic

It could have been so different. Back in 1988, Weatherall and Paul Oakenfold were at the cutting edge, dancing like loons in fields to Italian piano riffs and speeded-up Soul II Soul beats.

Midnight Cowboy

Shane's grinning Death Angel and his (fairly good) Nashville country album

Liaisons Dangereuses

Three lessons in future-beat history

Wilbur (Wants To Kill Himself)

Bleak British comedy from Dogme defectors is brave and affecting

Cutthroat Island

Renny Harlin's 1995 bomb comes midway, both chronologically and qualitatively, between Roman Polanski's fascinatingly bad Pirates (1986) and this year's Pirates Of The Caribbean (reviewed on p141). Whether casting Geena Davis as the head swashbuckler on this treasure hunt was post-feminist revisionism or sheer vanity (she's Harlin's wife) is for you to decide. Either way, it doesn't work. Looks nice, though, in a theme park way.

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