The Best Of 2008 Thus Far: Results Just In

Thanks to everyone who’s submitted their lists in response to the Best Records Of 2008 brainstorm from last week. Some excellent albums rising to the surface, and it’s especially nice to see love for No Age, Fleet Foxes and Elbow, three records which narrowly missed my original cut.

The Best Albums Of 2008: Halftime Report

It occurred to me this morning, in an anal sort of way, that we should probably talk about the best records of 2008's first six months. To that end, I've just been through my blog archive and come up with my ten favourites of the year up 'til the end of June.

One last Best Of 2007 list

Publishing imperatives being what they are, most of us have virtually forgotten about all the hair-wringing and number-crunching that went into compiling those Best Of 2007 lists. But before we completely write off the last 12 months, here's one last poll that's pretty interesting.

My Favourite Albums Of The Year: Part Two

As promised on this Albums Of The Year blog, here are my favourite reissues and compilations of 2007. Again, feel free to add your own selections below.

My Favourite Albums Of The Year

As I get older, I find it harder and harder to do these charts - maybe because there are so many records I like, it seems churlish to organise them so crudely. Nevertheless, it's fun having a go - as, hopefully, you're discovering with our Best Of 2007 supplement with the new issue, and the Rate the albums of the year thing on I'll try and post my favourite reissues and comps later, but please let me know your picks, too.

Uncut’s Ten Favourite Things At Latitude On Friday

null So after much heated debate, here are our favourite things from the first day at the Uncut-sponsored Latitude Festival:

The greatest shows on Earth

There were years when I seemed to be out all day and up all night, in pursuit of great rock'n'roll and a generally rowdy time. Those days are now somewhat behind me, and I'd have to say that it mostly takes something special to lure me forth into the sweating throngs of yore.

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