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This month in Uncut!

The new issue of Uncut, which hits shelves on March 29, features Jack White, The Rolling Stones, Alex Chilton, Bruce Springsteen and more.

Alex Chilton “never did anything he didn’t want to do…”

Alex Chilton’s career after the dissolution of his most iconic band, Big Star, has been described as “a cautionary tale” by REM bassist Mike Mills in the new issue of Uncut, out on Thursday (March 29).

Is There Anybody Out There?: On Tour With Roger Waters’ The Wall

The more-than-extensive ‘Immersion’ edition of Pink Floyd’s opus The Wall (the box includes a scarf and marbles!) is reviewed in our latest issue, out now – so we thought we’d revisit John Lewis’ excellent feature from June 2011 (Take 169). As the extravaganza arrives in Europe, Uncut meets the obsessive fans, stoners, bloggers and military advisors who’ll follow Waters and his lavish production to the ends of the globe…

Sonic Youth – The Secrets Of Eternal Youth

As guitarist Lee Ranaldo is in Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes in this month's new issue (April 2012, Take 179), we thought we'd share a Sonic Youth piece from our archive. In this feature, published in 2009, Marc Spitz finds the band (who've just finished what we now know could be their final album, The Eternal) ageing with more dignity than most, but still finding time to lash out at Oasis, Madonna and U2, and order a baby pig with a donut in its mouth… Picture by Pieter M Van Hattem.

The Rise And Fall Of Glam

The new April issue of Uncut, out now, features David Bowie peering from the cover in his guise as sleazy space-star Ziggy Stardust. To celebrate this look at Bowie’s greatest creation 40 years on, here’s a fantastic piece from Uncut’s 18th issue, in November 1998, in which Chris Roberts looks back at the glammed-up, transgressive superstars who changed his adolescent world.

Elvis Presley: The Sun Years by Frank Skinner

The new April issue of Uncut, out now, features a fascinating look at the history of Sam Phillips’ Sun Studio, which brought the world Howlin’ Wolf, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and others. Elvis Presley was one future star who cut his debut recordings at the Memphis studio – and in this archive piece from the fourth ever issue of Uncut (September 1997), comedian Frank Skinner talks about the King’s early years and the huge impact the Sun recordings had on him.

This month in the revamped Uncut!

The new, revamped Uncut, which hits shelves on February 28, features David Bowie, Pete Townshend, Buzzcocks, Feist and a look at the history of Sun Studio.

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