Band showcase brand new 'Butterfly House' at London show


[b]The Coral[/b] showcased their new album [b]’Butterfly House'[/b] at [b]London[/b]’s [b]O2 Shepherds Bush Empire[/b] last night (July 14) – and were watched by two leading lights of the [b]Manchester[/b] music scene.

In fact both a [b]Noel[/b] and [b]Liam[/b] were in the audience, but not the ones fans might have immediately thought of.

Former [b]Oasis[/b] leader [b]Noel Gallagher[/b] was in the crowd for the gig, fresh from returning from watching the World Cup final in South Africa, while [b]The Courteeners[/b] frontman [b]Liam Fray[/b] was also in town for the show.

However, there was a mini-[b]Oasis[/b] reunion of sorts – [b]Gem Archer[/b] showing up with [b]Gallagher[/b] to watch the show.

[b]The Coral[/b] showcased a host of tracks from [b]’Butterfly House'[/b], which was released on Monday (July 12).

Speaking little, except to thank the packed crowd for their support, the band played the likes of [b]’Walking In The Winter'[/b], [b]’Green Is The Colour'[/b] and the title track.

They also included several crowd favourites like [b]’Simon Diamond'[/b], [b]’Pass It On'[/b] and [b]’Dreaming Of You'[/b].

[b]The Coral[/b] played:

[b]’More Than A Lover’

‘Roving Jewel’

‘Walking In The Winter’


‘In The Rain’

‘Simon Diamond’

‘Two Faces’

‘Green Is The Colour’

‘1000 Years’

‘Spanish Main’/’Who’s Gonna Find Me’

‘Pass It On’

‘Butterfly House’

‘Falling All Around You’

‘She’s Comin’ Around’


‘Calendars And Clocks’


‘Dreaming Of You’

‘North Parade'[/b]

The band are now set to play this weekend’s [b]Latitude Festival[/b] on Sunday (July 18).