Film & DVD Reviews

The Deli

John Andrew Gallagher's shambling 1997 comedy about an Italian-American storekeeper (Mike Starr)...

Hijack Stories

South African director Oliver Schmitz revisits the same territory as his angry anti-apartheid...

Hobson's Choice The Sound Barrier

A double header, featuring two of David Lean's finest directorial efforts. Hobson's Choice (1954)...


When Fed Debra Winger goes undercover in the rural Midwest to investigate a bunch of white...

28 Days Later

Though it didn't burn up the box office during its theatrical release, Danny Boyle's jittery zombie...

Dazed And Confused

Richard Linklater's emotionally ambivalent high school homage is a cutting riposte to the rosy teen...

Monty Python Box Set

Collecting all four Python movies. And Now For Something Completely Different was a 'greatest hits...

Fellini's Roma

Released in 1972, Federico Fellini's extended love letter to his adopted home city is less of a...

Road Rage

David Lynch's relentless 1990 rush of highway madness remains a precious gem


Steve Martin darkens his usual screwball comic persona for Novocaine, playing a suburban dentist...

Anita And Me

Director Metin Hüseyin's breezy adaptation of Meera Syal's terrific fictionalised memoir about...

Romeo Is Bleeding

Gary Oldman, miscast but blowing hard in Peter Medak's 1993 thriller, is a sleazy cop who takes...

To Kill A King

Dubious English Civil War saga

The Actors

Daft knockabout comedy of theatrical rogues


South Korean blockbuster that sank Titanic

Old School

Animal House meets Fight Club

Ghosts Of The Abyss

James Cameron's IMAX marvel

Do The Rustle

Nicholson and Brando face off in Arthur Penn's uneven western

Bad Lieutenants

Lifting the lid on LAPD brutality and corruption

The Truth About Charlie

Pointless vanity remake of Charade


Editor's Letter

"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye": Cosimo Matassa 1926-2014

Among my post last week, I received a nice care package from Ace Records that included one quite weird Duke Ellington album ("My People"); Volume 3 of their "Where Country Meets Soul" series (I cannot recommend Ralph ''Soul'' Jackson's version of ''Jambalaya'' highly enough); and, maybe best of...