Film & DVD Reviews

A Revenger's Tragedy

Scousepunk reworking of classic revenge tale

Live Forever

Spurious but amusing documentary about Britpop

Analyze That

Bobby and Billy return in flat sequel


DIRECTED BY Gaspar Noé STARRING Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Albert Dupontel Opened...

The Magdalene Sisters

DIRECTED BY Peter Mullan STARRING Nora-Jane Noone, Dorothy Duffy, Anne-Marie Duff Opens February 21...

The Hours

Three female big-hitters go on an Oscar hunt

Jackass—The Movie

Infantile, boorish, dangerous, hilarious, unmissable

The Kid Stays In The Picture

DIRECTED BY Brett Morgan and Nanette Burstein

East Goes West

Analytical US-style remake of slow-burning Japanese chiller

The Good Thief

Nolte kicks smack in Monte Carlo


Disappointing biopic of legendary Mexican painter


Gritty cop thriller favours style over surprises

True Lies

Extraordinary, inspired madness from the Being John Malkovich team

Frankie & Johnny

Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer are the short order cook and waitress in a New York diner in Garry...

The Ages Of Lulu

Bigas Luna's 1990 film deals with, yes, sex, but like most Spanish movies it does so...

The Weight Of Water

Kathryn Bigelow's lavish direction can't keep this creaky adventure afloat. Catherine McCormack is...


Set in grunge-era Seattle, Cameron Crowe's quick-off-the-mark 1992 romantic ensemble comedy managed...

Men In Black II

The law of diminishing returns applies as Barry Sonnenfeld hacks out a scant sequel to the...

The Business Of Strangers

Passable psychodrama as up-tight corporate suit Julia (Stockard Channing) and haughty PA Paula (...


Lovingly restored version of Fritz Lang's silent sci-fi classic with another 20 minutes' worth of...


Editor's Letter

Robert Wyatt interviewed: "I'm not a born rebel..."

Today (January 28, 2015), social media reliably informs me that Robert Wyatt is 70, which seems a reasonable justification for reposting this long and, I hope, interesting transcript of an interview I did with him at home in Louth back in 2007, a little before the marvellous “Comicopera” was...