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Entourage - The Complete Fourth Season

Entourage - The Complete Fourth SeasonVince Chase's posse return, more of the Emmy award winnning 'dramedy'

Eraserhead, The Short Films Of David Lynch

Eraserhead, The Short Films Of David LynchCult classic meticulously remastered – plus six of the director’s surrealist shorts


GomorrahSee Naples and die - griity, back-to-basics mob movie with a difference

Saxondale - Series 2

Saxondale - Series 2Steve Coogan's exquisite second-helping of self-loathing in Stevenage

Heavy Load

Heavy LoadThe trials of a punk band made up of men with learning disabilities and their care workers

Righteous Kill

Righteous KillRobert De Niro, Al Pacino; together for the first time since Heat


RedbeltTechnical knockout: David Mamet does a fight movie

Heavy Metal In Baghdad

Heavy Metal In BaghdadRocking against all odds - the story of Acrassicauda

Tropic Thunder

Tropic ThunderBen Stiller's hysterical war movie send-up takes aim at Hollywood


RocknRollaGuy Ritchie returns to form with shaggy-dog caper

Pineapple Express

Pineapple ExpressStoner comedy from Superbad writers - with bloody brawls and shootouts!

Somers Town

Somers TownThis is London: Shane Meadows lightens up and heads down South

The Wackness

The WacknessSir Ben Kingsley adds spice to low-budget comedy mix

The Walter Hill Collection

The Walter Hill CollectionSix masterpieces from the acclaimed director; Uncut's perfect weekend in

The Tomorrow Show

The Tomorrow ShowTom Snyder's guests include John Lennon and Johnny Rotten

Up The Junction

Up The JunctionKen Loach-inspired gritty portrait of unswinging '60s London

Anchorman - Special Edition

Anchorman - Special EditionWill Ferrell's greatest movie, on expanded DVD

Trouble In Mind

Trouble In MindMobster shoot-outs, day-glo suits… and Divine! Alan Rudolph’s wild ’85 fantasy still disturbs


Mike Leigh’s corrosive ’93 period piece reviewed

Doctor Who: The Brain Of Morbius

Doctor Who: The Brain Of MorbiusTom Baker's second series of the TV sci-fi classic


Editor's Letter

The return of The Aphex Twin, and Caustic Window

Last year, Warp Records embarked on a campaign for Boards Of Canada's "Tomorrow's Harvest" comeback that was notable for its obtuseness. Unmarked 12-inches were hidden in record stores, strings of numbers and inexplicable broadcasts were strewn enigmatically across the internet. At one point, I...