Latitude 2009

The Smiths! Judge Dredd! Blackadder!

Michael Bonner

Or, what I did this morning at Latitude. Despite feeling relatively delicate today (ah, bless the pear cider), a gentle stroll round the Latitude site does wonders for the constitution.

It's getting really busy here already -- the Comedy Arena was packed by 1pm when Lee Mack came on. I like Lee Mack -- he's got an easy-going, engaging way about him, perfectly suited to the lazy Saturday morning vibe. He does some good jokes about Franz Ferdinand, predictive text and jugglers. Which makes me wonder: does every comedian at every festival do jokes about jugglers..?

In the Film & Music Tent, there's Dunya Dinlemiyor, a Turner Prize nominated installation featuring a collection of Turkish Smiths' fans performing karaoke of their favourite Morrissey/Marr hits. It's quite touching, seeing these people sing their hearts out in front of the camera.

Then it's back out, and another stroll. I see people dressed as cats, men in skirts, didgeridoo players and the usual array of colourful festival freaks. Farah got some great pictures, too.


** Richard Curtis. He wrote Blackadder and Four Weddings & A Funeral. He is possibly richer than most A list rock stars.

** Don Letts. He practically invented the punky reggae party, don't you know. He was spotted crossing a bridge, sporting very impressive dreads.

** Pat Mills. The man who created Judge Dredd, which makes him a Cultural Legend. This is quite exciting, in a geeky comic fan way.

** The Hold Steady. Ambling through the site, carrying their equipment. And pushing a wheel barrow. This is rock news.

Later, I hope to see Dylan Moran in the Comedy Arena, and Roger McGough is broadcasting a special edition of his Radio 4 show, Poetry, Please, which I'd like to catch.

Off, now, to see Annuals. More later!


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