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Ultimate Music Guide: Roxy Music

For your pleasure…the latest edition of the ULTIMATE MUSIC GUIDE. This time: the definitive guide to the music of ROXY MUSIC! Insightful new writing...

The Making Of… Roxy Music’s ‘Street Life’

From Uncut's November 2009 issue (Take 150), Bryan Ferry and his bandmates recall the making of Roxy Music's classic single, "Street Life"

January 2013

This is the last Uncut of 2012, rather unbelievably. It barely seems 12 months since I sat down to write the column that introduced our final issue of 2011. How much faster can time go by?

Bryan Ferry: “I have a controlling instinct – sometimes being in a band isn’t the best place for me”

Bryan Ferry answers your questions in the next issue of Uncut, out on Friday (November 23). The Roxy Music frontman and solo artist takes your queries, as well as some from Andy Mackay, Paul Thompson and Johnny Marr, on topics including his new album, The Jazz Age, his old paper round, and whether he’s planning to finish the new album Roxy Music recorded last decade.

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