Japan – David Sylvian

Remastered and elaborately repackaged reissues of nearly everything Sylvian and Co did in the '80s

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Lavishly and lovingly repackaged with the input of the band themselves, these reissues include expanded sleeve art, extensive booklets, new photos and bonus tracks, ensuring that the work of the newest of the ’80s romantics finally gets the treatment it deserves. Japan’s key album, 1981’s Tin Drum, is now made doubly indispensable by the inclusion of the imperishable original 12-inch mix of “The Art Of Parties”, while 1980’s Gentlemen Take Polaroids features the Boards Of Canada-anticipating “The Experience Of Swimming”. Sadly, the extra tracks on Sylvian’s solo albums are few and inessential (mainly dreary new age instrumentals). Nonetheless, anyone spellbound by Sylvian’s recent, astonishing Blemish are hereby advised to work their way backwards.


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