Elvis Presley – Ultimate Gospel

The King's penance ignored

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Atheist Presley-casualties know that “(There’s) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car” (from Fun In Acapulco!) speaks infinitely more universal truth than any of his wretched Jesus tunes. Christianity’s recent ‘softly softly’ approach finds it tottering on its last legs; whereas modern fundamentalist ‘orders’ are all too aware that the route to religious success lies through fear and slaughter. Similarly, the only real success on this po-faced collection is “Run On”, where Elvis sternly warns of a “Lord” threatening to “cut you down”. When, in 1973, the King pleaded with the “Almighty” to “…help me”, he was flatly refused. Bear this in mind now the clappy tedium of Ultimate Gospel presents itself as a purchase option.


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