Dopplereffekt – Linear Accelerator

Magnificent machine symphonies from shadowy electro boffins

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Elusive cult figures on the German techno fringes, Dopplereffekt are frequently namechecked by electroclash front-runners such as Miss Kittin, despite having carved themselves a unique niche in electronic music which nods more to avant-garde ambient and classical music than disco sleaze.

A couple of the six lengthy tracks on their second official album nod to dancefloor rhythms and structures, but they are bookended by great buzzing clouds of sculpted, pulsing, highly textured machine noise rejoicing in titles such as “Niobium Resonators” and “Higgs Mechanism”. Whether precious high-art boffins or playful postmodernists, there is a dedication to purity and originality here which other techno acts pay lip service to but rarely deliver.


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