Dizzee Rascal – Showtime

Adventurous successor to garage star's Mercury-winning debut

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If the excitable Boy In Da Corner thrust teenage MC and producer Dizzee Rascal to unthinkable heights, Showtime proudly posits the UK’s leading grime ambassador back where he started: vexed, 10 storeys up, in Bow, E3. There is now much for Dylan Mills to discuss (hence worthy episodes “Respect Me” and “Get By”) but his “ghetto frame of mind” remains untainted by fame. Showtime sounds incredible. With his arresting style of mutant grime-pop, Mills dazzles on every track, his instinctive flair for melody and arrangement enhancing “Graftin'” and “Flyin'”.

As “Dream”, a cute cover of Captain Sensible’s “Happy Talk”, confirms, Showtime proves Dizzee’s capable of anything.


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