Charles Webster – Remixed On The 24th Of July

Matthew Herbert and others retool the sublime avant-house dreamscapes of 2001's Born On The 24th Of July

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Producer Webster remains best known for giving Shara Nelson’s post-Massive Attack career a much-needed boost with Presence’s “Sense Of Danger” in 1999. The album he released two years later under his own name is an understated classic of gentle, soulful house?without any of the ghastliness that generally ensues when the words “soulful” and “house” are combined. Collaborators seem to have been chosen to subtly beef up the mood without wrecking the overall poise. Webster’s own bubbling Presence dub of “Your Life”, Brennan Green and Daniel Wang’s deliciously old-school-funky “Forget The Past” and the eccentric precision of Herbert’s take on “Ready” are highlights on an album whose consistency can’t be faulted.


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