Twenty-eight tracks from influential '60s Chicago soul group

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The Impressions – Definitive Impressions Part 2

The first instalment of Definitive Impressions remains the best-selling album in the Kent label’s 21-year history. Although it covered everything that was great about Curtis Mayfield’s R&B trio?the way they accommodated black church didacticism within a secular context (“People Get Ready”, “Keep On Pushing”) alongside devotionals to the fairer sex (“I’m So Proud”) and a sociopolitical world view that would find its apogee in Mayfield’s solo ’70s work?there was more in the vaults. Hence Part 2, which comprises single B-sides, album tracks and rarities. More than its predecessor, it concentrates on love songs lushly orchestrated by Johnny Pate, the Thom Bell of the piece, with neo-gospel vocals shared by Mayfield’s near-falsetto, Fred Cash’s expressive baritone and Sam Gooden’s bass anchor, the three swooping and soaring around each other in a series of endless harmonies.