Tom Waits For No One: The Illustrated Scrapbook seeks funding


A Kickstarter campaign launched on Saturday, March 28, 2015 to raise funds for Tom Waits For No One: The Illustrated Scrapbook.

The scrapbook documents the making of Tom Waits For No One, a 1979 a rotoscoped short film starring Waits singing “The One That Got Away”.

The 160 page hardback book will contain animation cells, rotoscope drawings, character studies and backgrounds.

Writing on the Kickstarter page, the film’s director John Lamb says, “At the video shoot. Tom drove up in his ’66 Blue Valentine T-bird and stepped out wearing a pork pie Stetson, an old wrinkled suit and carrying a bag, asking where the dressing rooms were. We’re thinking ‘Whew, he’s going to change that suit!’ Then he came out of the dressing room with the same hat and a different old wrinkled suit.

Tom Waits For No One

Tom Waits For No One

“For the shoot, we utilized 5 video cameras, 2 high, 2 low and 1 handheld. We did 6 takes with 2 separate dancers. We edited down 13 hours of video into to a 5 1/2 minute film, which was then traced frame by frame and turned into ‘Tom Waits For No One’.”

In September, 2014 Uncut first reported on the Kickstarter campaign to restore the Tom Waits For No One film.

You can order Uncut’s Tom Waits: Ultimate Music Guide as a print of digital edition here