The Real Dylan Revealed: Tell Tale Signs Special, Part 11!

Read the extended transcript of Mason Ruffner's interview here

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BOB DYLAN SPECIAL: The Complete Tell Tale Signs

In this month’s issue of Uncut, we celebrate the release of Tell Tale Signs, the Bootleg Series Vol 8, Bob Dylan’s astonishing 2 and 3CD collection of unreleased material from 1989-2006.

We spoke to the musicians, producers and crew who worked with him during this period. And now, here’s your chance to read the full, unedited transcripts of those interviews.

Today, we present part eleven: Mason Ruffner.
Click here for the transcript.

You can read the previous five transcripts by clicking on the side panel (right) and all of the exclusive online series in the Uncut Special features archive here.

Two more to go! Next one up Friday (October 24)!

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