The Hold Steady Prepare To Stay Positive

Craig Finn exclusively reveals details of follow-up to Boys & Girls In America

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The fourth Hold Steady album “Stay Positive”, is “a bit more expansive than past efforts,” according to the band’s lead singer, Craig Finn.

Writing in his regular Uncut column, Finn details the making of the 11-track album, due to be released on July 14. “Many of the songs had originated as rough demos recorded in European hotel rooms last summer,” he says.

The recording itself took place in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Wild Arctic studio in Queens, New York, with producer John Agnello. Guests on the sessions included Ben Nichols from Lucero and Doug Gillard, who spent some time playing guitar in Guided By Voices.

Finn identifies his favourite track as the opener, “Constructive Summer”, although he also draws attention to “Both Crosses”, which was recorded in one take, and “Slapped Actress”, which mentions “Opening Night”, a John Cassavetes film.

“I believe it [“Stay Positive”] captures a band hittingtheir creative peak,” says Finn, “as well as enjoying each other’s creativity and company.”

We should have a preview of the new songs on The Hold Steady’s forthcoming short tour of the UK and Ireland. The band play:

Camber Sands ATP vs Pitchfork Festival (may 11)
Dublin, IE Academy (13)
Belfast Spring and Airbrake (14)
Brighton The Great Escape (16)


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