Smashing Pumpkins announce tracklisting for new album ‘Oceania’

Billy Corgan tweets ninth studio LP's running order

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Smashing Pumpkins have unveiled the tracklisting for their ninth studio album ‘Oceania’, which is set for formal release later this year.

The band’s frontman Billy Corgan, wrote on “I’m assuming those that are Smashing Pumpkins fans in the crowd wouldn’t mind me putting up a tentative tracklisting of the ‘Oceania’ album?” He then wrote the running order which you can see at the bottom of your screen.

The tracks have been released as part of the band’s ongoing ‘Teargarden By Kaleidyscope’ project, which sees the band releasing new songs online in batches and then making them available for download.


Billy Corgan has indicated recently that though he feels the format of an album isn’t particularly relevant, he believes the songs set to feature on ‘Oceania’ are “supposed to go together.”

He said in a video on the band’s Facebook page: “I still stand by my view that I don’t think albums are particularly relevant at this time. That may change. But as far as making music, from a writing point of view, it’s really going to focus me to put a group of songs together that are supposed to go together.”

The tracklisting for ‘Oceania’ is as follows:



‘Pale Horse’


‘The Chimera’

‘Four Winds Chime’



‘My Love Is Winter’

‘Special K’



‘Violet Rays’


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