Read David Crosby’s latest anti-Kanye West rant

Crozz calls the rapper "an egomaniac"

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David Crosby has launched into a fresh tirade against Kanye West.

Asked during one of his regular Twitter Q&As, ‘How do you feel about Kanye at Glastonbury saying he is the greatest Rock Star of all time?’, Crosby replied: “He is an egomaniac He is dumb as a post He creates nothing”


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This isn’t the first time Crosby has expressed his strong views against the rapper.

In March, 2015, during a similar Twitter Q&A, Crosby called West “an idiot and a poser….has no Talent at all”.


In June, Crosby reinforced his position during an interview with The Huffington Post.

“It all stands on what you produce; what you actually put down,” Crosby said. “Kanye West can’t write, sing or play. So I have trouble with him as anything but a poser. Produce? That means he sits in a chair while the engineer does the work. He’s a poser! And I’m not backing off it.”

Meanwhile, Crosby will be taking part in Rock Camp, an all-star music school which will be held in Hollywood, California from November 5 to 8.

Crosby will mentor the camp participants, along with former Cream drummer Ginger Baker.

Time reports that the Crosby/Baker package costs $5,999. The camp offers other packages as well, including a youth camp for 12 to 16-year-olds and a recording studio session.

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