Rare Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’ single goes on sale for £10,000

1977 vinyl disc surfaces in online sale

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A rare copy of the Sex Pistols classic ‘God Save The Queen’ is being sold online for £10,000.

According to online music store 991.com, the unplayed 1977 vinyl disc was obtained from an “ex-industry source with impeccable credentials” and is in mint condition.

The listing adds: “This is not only one of the rarest records in existence but is certainly the most sought after and no serious record collection is complete without it.”


The record’s high pricing comes after most copies of the song were destroyed when the band were dropped by A&M Records before its release.

When the punk anthem was first released in 1977 it made it to Number Two in the Singles Chart.

However there was a strong suspicion that the authorities had banned the track from topping the charts, as it was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and the song’s anti-authoritarian power was deemed unacceptable to the establishment.


Meanwhile, a [url=http://www.nme.com/news/sex-pistols/60566] university academic recently campaigned to have graffiti[/url] drawn by the Sex Pistols on the walls of their London flat, declared to be a national landmark.

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