PJ Harvey plans to release poetry and prose

'Let England Shake' star wants to expand her artistic output

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PJ Harvey has announced her intention to release her paintings and prose along with her music.

The singer-songwriter is enjoying acclaim for new album ‘Let England Shake’, but now she has revealed that she would like to expand her output to reflect her background in visual arts.

She told Spinner.co.uk: “My initial beginnings were as a visual artist, not a musician. I was going to do a degree in sculpture… but then the path towards music opened up for me. I had an opportunity to make a record and it took me away from ever doing that.”

She revealed that she has never stopped working in the visual arts, saying: “I work on paintings alongside with songs. I take my work with me. As I write every day, I draw and paint every day and it’s just part of my life, so even if I am touring it comes with me, In fact, songwriting is, for me, a very visual project.”

But Harvey only recently worked up the confidence to showcase her work, after being a guest designer for Francis Ford Coppola‘s All-Story magazine. Now she is keen to do more.

She said: “I’d like to do more because I just moved into doing oil painting as well, which I’m really enjoying and I’d like to spend more time doing that. I’m also a keen writer, not just of songs, but of poetry, short prose, short stories. I’d like to release regularly my extraneous works, drawings and writings that aren’t songs, but just other things that I do.”

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