Paul McCartney: ‘I Don’t Think What I’m Doing Is Ever That Important’

Former Beatle explains why he's always liked experimenting

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Paul McCartney has explained that he’s always so keen to experiment musically because he doesn’t think what he’s doing “is ever that important”.

Speaking to The Guardian, he also stated that the mythical song “Carnival Of Light” shows him at his most experimental.

“Because I’m enjoying myself, I never see anything that I do as a risk, I just see it as a bit of fun,” McCartney said. “In The Beatles we didn’t even think Sgt Peppers was a risk at the time. The newspapers did. One said: ‘The Beatles have dried up, they’ve not come out with anything for six months, they’re finished!’ And we were there, sniggering, thinking ‘Ha!’

“But I like pushing the boundaries a little bit because it keeps things fresh. The key is that I don’t ever think what I’m doing is ever that important.”

Referring to people’s perception of John Lennon as the most experimental Beatle, McCartney said: “Being far out is not something I’m known for too much, but I do enjoy that side of things. If you look at things I’ve done, from “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road”, which is kind of out-there, to “Carnival Of Light”, which is so out there it hasn’t even been released, you can see I like experimenting.”


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