Patti Smith planning sequel to Just Kids book

Patti Smith has suggested she will release a new book next year, a sequel to her 2010 release Just Kids.

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Patti Smith has suggested she will release a new book next year, a sequel to her 2010 release Just Kids.

Smith’s first book focused on her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe but claims that her second will be more “music based” and will include stories about her marriage to MC5 guitarist Fred Smith. Speaking to Billboard about the book, which currently has no release date, Smith said: “I don’t have a big rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, a sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll story to tell. I think I have maybe a better story. Through rock ‘n’ roll I traveled the world, worked with my late brother and, best of all, that’s how I met Fred. It changed my life in many unexpected ways, so I have my story to tell.”

There are also plans for Smith to release “I Ain’t Got Nobody”, the song she wrote for the season finale of Boardwalk Empire this year, in 2013.

“I’ve met Steve Buscemi, and Michael Pitt as well, who’s now departed. So I said I would do it, and I just sang it. I listened to the original versions and tried to integrate some knowledge of that period, when they didn’t sing so emotionally, but also put my own spin on it. I didn’t know where or when they would use it; it was really nice that they put it in a good spot,” says Smith.

Earlier this year Patti smith revealed she is adapting Just Kids into a film and that she would like Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to take the lead roles.


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