Neil Young Slams Apple

Singer brands iPods 'Fisher-Price toys'

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Neil Young has slammed Apple’s iPods for dumbing music quality down to “Fisher-Price toy” levels at a technology conference in California this week (July 23).

Speaking in an interview with Time Inc. editor-in-chief John Huey at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference Young said: “Apple has taken a detour down the convenience highway. Quality has taken a complete backseat – if it even gets in the car at all.”

Singling out Apple specifically, the singer complained about the quality of music files on iTunes and iPods and how they have brought down standards generally.

Young also griped that music is becoming more “like wallpaper” adding that: “We have beautiful computers now but high-resolution music is one of the missing elements. The ears are the windows to the soul.”

Pic credit: PA Photos


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