Led Zeppelin Perform At London’s O2 Arena

The band kick off first show in 27 years with their very first track

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Led Zeppelin have finally hit the stage at London’s O2 Arena – coming on at 9pm (GMT).

Opening song was ‘Good Times Bad Times’ , the first song from their first self-titled album, and it’s as good a place as any to start – from the band’s very beginning. And Led Zep sound as good as the hype surrounding them. Plant’s vocals sound incredibly good, as he swings his microphone in a swoon onstage and Page’s guitar sounds okay if a bit murky and the crowd have gone wild.

The band who are all clad in black except Page who’s wearing a white shirt, are playing on a big open stage, with a huge screen behind them projecting the show to the 20, 000 lucky fans in attendance.


No pausing between tracks, th, the second track is second album track ‘Ramble On’ and the third, ‘Black Dog’ from Zeppelin III, by which time the sound quality hits it’s stride. The crowd began singing back to Robert Plant during the ‘Ah Ah – Ah Ah’ refrain halfway through.

There was a short pause in the set, with only the intermittent cackle of feedback as equipment or cables were shifted around, and Plant then finally spoke, saying, in an almost vampiric comedy tone: “Good evening” with a cheeky grimace, before Led Zeppelin start on ‘In My Time Of Dying.’

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We’ll have more pictures, reports and fan reactions from the Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert from the morning (December 11).

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