Laura Marling: “I questioned whether being a musician was worthwhile”

Singer-songwriter suffered writer's block

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Laura Marling has revealed that she struggled to write new music after moving to Los Angeles.

Speaking to the NME, she explained she suffered writer’s block for six months, even wondered “whether being a musician was worthwhile.”

“There was noting I really wanted to do musically, so I couldn’t honestly call myself a musician at the time,” she says. “I was sort of self-flagellating not telling people that I was a musician. I got a sick pleasure out of doing that.”


Marling – who’s latest album, Short Movie, is released on March 23 – continues that she too a break from writing, which allowed her time to focus her attentions elsewhere including environmental and social justice issues. “I think I got a bit worthy about whether being a musician was worthwhile to the planet in any way. Not like in an eco way, but I was just like, ‘Who do I think I am that I can just get up every day and play the guitar? That’s bullshit, I should be doing something more important.'”
She continues: “But actually, that thought of mine was the most self-important thought I’ve ever had, and only after being away from music for six months did I come back and think, ‘Actually, it’s pretty fucking great what I do, and I’m pretty fucking lucky to be doing it.'”

Laura Marling will support the record with the following UK tour dates:

London Queen Elizabeth Hall (April 20-21)
Cambridge Corn Exchange (22)
Manchester Albert Hall (24)
Glasgow O2 Academy (25)
Birmingham Institute (27)
London Queen Elizabeth Hall (29-30)
Southampton O2 Guildhall (May 4)
Bristol Colston Hall (5)
Dublin Olympia (7)
Belfast Waterfront Hall (8)


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