James Taylor announces new album, Before This World

It's Taylor's first album of original material since 2002

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James Taylor has revealed details of his new album, Before The World.

Rolling Stone reports the album will be released on June 16.

It is Taylor’s first studio album of original material since 2002’s, October Road.


His most recent album, 2008’s Covers, featured songs by artists including Leonard Cohen, Lieber and Stoller, Holland-Dozier-Holland and Buddy Holly.

“I got out of the habit of writing songs for about 10 years,” explains Taylor.

The album features regular musicians Steve Gadd on drums and Jimmy Johnson on bass, while songs include “Angels Of Fenway”, “Watchin’ Over Me” and “Stretch Of The Highway”.

“I have no idea what releasing an album even means anymore,” he says. “Friends of mine say, ‘James, you have to adjust your expectations. People don’t buy these things.’ Not to be presumptuous, but Vincent Van Gogh sold just two paintings while he was alive. If that’s what your medium is, you simply must do it.”


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