Hot Chip Set For New Album And Solo Projects In 2009

Londoners will release follow-up to 2008's 'Made In The Dark' next year

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Hot Chip have revealed they’re planning to release a new album and a set of solo projects next year.

The Putney, west London, band will start work on the follow-up to 2008’s “Made In The Dark” after Christmas.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, Al Doyle said: “We’re not rushed about it, we’ve all had a very busy year. We’re quite exhausted so I think probably the earliest it would be out is autumn and we would be working fast to do that.

“When we come back from that [Australia’s Big Day Out festival] we’ve got no commitments at all so we’ll get back into the studio.”

The guitarist also explained that the band also plan to pursue their own projects next year.

Alexis just released a solo album, Felix and I will probably release an album next year that we’ve been working on and I know Joe [Goddard]’s got various different projects that he’s keeping on the back burner. So there’ll definitely be Hot Chip or Hot Chip-related music coming out.”

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