Graham Coxon: ‘America needs to start again’

Blur guitarist isn't keen on the superpower

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Graham Coxon has laid into the US, saying it’s his “dream” to see the country have its superpower status removed.

In a video interview with the Instigate Debate organisation, the Blur guitarist said he thinks the country needs to “start again”, reports [url=]NME.COM[/url].

“Part of me wants to kind of clear America like an overgrown field that needs the stubble burning and start again,” he explained. “Just keep all the nice Americans somewhere while we do it. I think there’ll be a lot less oxygen being used, a lot less greenhouse gasses.”

A ‘political circus’ will be held by Instigate Debate on April 26 at London‘s Union Chapel. It will feature a debate between cultural figures and all of the main political parties along with a series of musical performances.

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