Frank Zappa’s final album gets release date

Dance Me This is slated for June 2015

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Frank Zappa‘s last studio album, Dance Me This, is scheduled for release this summer.

Recorded before the artist’s death in 1993, Dance Me This is available to pre-order from Zappa’s website.

The Guardian reports the album will be released on June 1, 2015.


The Guardian also cites an interview with Guitarist Magazine, which ran a few months before Zappa’s death, where he describes Dance Me This as “a Synclavier album… which is designed to be used by modern dance groups. It’s probably not going to come out until next year.”

Jambase quotes from an email, reportedly from the Zappa family, which explains the album “is the last title FZ finished in 1993 along with Trance-Fusion; the last chapter in his Master Work, Civilization, Phase III; and of course, The Rage & The Fury, The Music Of Edgard Varèse.”



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