Former Oasis Discoverer Announces Retirement on Facebook

Alan McGee calls time on 25 years in the music industry

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Scottish music industry mogul Alan McGee called time on his illustrious career last month – via a Facebook status update.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music this week, McGee said: “It was on my Facebook. My status said: ‘Glad I’m not a manager any more, I really recommend it.'”

McGee, who spent 25 years in the music business, running Creation Records and working with the likes of Oasis, the Libertines and the Charlatans, revealed his reasons for bowing out: “I stopped doing the record company about a year or two ago because I think they’re pointless things, like dinosaurs or trams or something. I think I’m a man of the times, kind of like Tony Wilson really. We don’t really have a place in the music industry anymore because we actually like music.”

McGee added: “I think the prerequisite for being in the music industry is not liking music and playing the corporate game, agreeing with your boss.”

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Pic credit: PA Photos
(McGee arriving at a reception at No 10 Downing Street with Oasis’ Noel Gallagher)


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