Former Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle announces free online Christmas album

Plus Lytle reveals new solo album details

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Ex-Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle is giving away a free Christmas album via his website.

Lytle improvised seven piano-based tracks for the album, and explained that the creative process was one of the most enjoyable he’s been involved with.

“It just so happens that playing my piano at home is one of my favourite things to do (in terms of music) so it was nice to be able to capture some of these moments of me playing aimlessly and relaxed,” Lytle blogged.


The tracklisting of ‘Merry X-Mas 2009’ is:

‘Last Conversation In Waltz Time’


‘Wild Animals Slowly Approaching The Lovely Country Funeral’

‘Out Cold On Indian Ambien’


‘Good Chord Song For LP Two’

‘Bird Feeder Soap Opera Plot’

‘SepDecember Song’

Lytle added that he’s currently working on a new solo album, stating: “Although I’m quite sure none of the songs will end up on the radio I’m guaranteeing that this will be the weirdest, most wonderful mayhem I have made yet.”

His last album, ‘Yours Truly, The Commuter’, was released in May.

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