Dylan Actor Paid Tribute At Film Awards

Daniel Day Lewis praises Heath Ledger

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Dylan actor Heath Ledger, who died last Tuesday (January 22), was the subject of a moving tribute at last night’s (January 27) Screen Actors Guild Awards by Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis.

Day Lewis praised Ledger, who played one of six characters based on Bob Dylan in Todd HaynesI’m Not There, as “unique” and dedicated his award to him.

Day Lewis won for his performance as a ruthless oil magnate in Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood.

The Coen brothers film, No Country For Old Men, won Best Film and Julie Christie won Best Actress for her performance as an Alzheimer’s sufferer in Away From Her.

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards are seen as a major signifier of how the voting will go at the Oscars, due to be held on February 24.

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