Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser features on rework of Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Tales From The Trash Stratum”

Lifted from the expanded edition of Oneohtrix Point Never's latest album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

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Oneohtrix Point Never has shared a new version of his track “Tales From The Trash Stratum”, featuring Cocteau TwinsElizabeth Fraser.

The pair’s reimagining of the track does away with the frantic, glitching synths on the original and replaces them with plucked strings and keys, while Fraser‘s vocals are overlaid.

Listen to the track below:



The new rework of “Tales From The Trash Stratum” is one of four bonus tracks being released as part of a new Blu-ray edition of the producer’s ninth studio album, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, which is due to arrive in October.

The expanded edition of the album will also contain the previously released reimagining of “Nothing’s Special” featuring Rosalía and two remixes of “Lost But Never Alone” from PC Music‘s A.G. Cook and Forced Smile.

Sixteen music videos from across OPN‘s career will be included on the Blu-ray disc, including his clip of “The Pure And The Damned” featuring Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie and Iggy Pop.

Originally published on NME

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