Brian Wilson: ‘Good Music Can Come From Drugs’

Beach Boys songwriter doesn't reckon drugs were very good for him, though…

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Brian Wilson has explained he believes that drugs can lead to the creation of good music.

However, despite acknowledging that experimenting with drugs can be beneficial to musicians, the Beach Boys songwriter added that he doesn’t believe they were particularly good for him.

Wilson told Uncut: “Yes, I think so. If you experiment, eventually something good can come out. But I’m not sure that drugs were good for me.

“Marijuana made me very paranoid about living up to my reputation. But it also helped me concentrate on my music. It gave me insight into writing songs that I didn’t have before. So it wasn’t all bad.”

The singer and songwriter doesn’t believe that LSD is as creatively beneficial, though, explaining: “[LSD] gave me a case of the scareds. I mostly got over it. But when you take a drug like LSD, you’re never going to be the same again.”

For the full interview, see October‘s Uncut magazine, out tomorrow (August 28).

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