Lindsey Buckingham: “We slapped everyone across the face going from Rumours to Tusk!”

As Lindsey Buckingham resumes his solo career as one of rock’s most discreet musical radicals, he tells Uncut about false starts, his “crisp and dirty” new songs, the death of Peter Green and the ongoing soap opera around his alma mater

Butch Vig on recording Nevermind: “Little did we know that Nirvana would be putting the nail in the coffin of hair metal”

From the Smart Studio in Wisconsin – via $2 pitchers of beer at the Friendly Tavern – to Los Angeles’ legendary Sound City, Butch Vig guides us through the Nevermind recording sessions. Stand by for food fights with L7, encounters with Billy Corgan and Europe and sojourns at the “Cokewood Apartments”

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