Wooden Shjips’ “Vol. 2” and Moon Duo, “Escape”

Just remembered today that I should post this: my column from the last issue of the mag, devoted to Wooden Shjips and Ripley's awesome spin-off, Moon Duo. The new issue of Uncut is out this week, though my column on Sir Richard Bishop was necessarily spiked to make room for the Alex Chilton tribute; I'll run that here in the next day or two.

The 12th Uncut Playlist Of 2010

Very much enjoying the Blues Explosion comp and the Trembling Bells second, which I’ll endeavour to write about early next week, Also, yes, the Ariel Pink stuff is great in a generally unnerving way: one track I have reminds me powerfully of, well, Christopher Cross.

Cloud Nothings and Forest Swords

From the lofty vantage point of SE1, I haven’t heard much buzz from South By Southwest this year, or at least very little in the way of real surprises and completely new discoveries (If you know different, of course, please share).

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