Joe Jackson – Night And Day (Deluxe Edition)

Reissue of underrated '80s LP with bonus disc of rarities, demos etc

Rob Dougan – Furious Angels

Reissue of last year's deepest pop record, plus extra disc of remixes

High Fidelity

"Oh, I just don't know where to begin," Elvis Costello swooned in the opening line to his lusciously hummable 1979 hit "Accidents Will Happen". Not strictly true. Elvis Costello has always known precisely where to begin. Knowing when to stop, that's been another kettle of worms. His latest batch of reissues being a case in point. Each has been fattened up for market with a mind-bending welter of bonus tracks, so that Get Happy!!, a 20-track tour de force in the first place, now weighs in at 50 tracks (with Trust at 31 and Punch The Clock at 39, see right).

Inner City Good Life: The Best Of – EMI Gold

Greatest and not so great hits from techno pioneers

David Bowie – Black Tie, White Noise

Lavish two-CD repackaging for Bowie's 1993 return to form

Love Unlimited

Eighty-three examples of Stephin Merritt's pop art from 99/2000

Wreckless Eric – Almost A Jubilee: 25 Years At The BBC (With Gaps)

Quarter-century of Beeb appearances from the Newhaven rabble-rouser

Gene Pitney – Blue Angel: The Bronze Sessions

So-so stuff chiefly for Pitney fanatics

Momus – Forbidden Software Timemachine

Two-CD, twenty-seven track, best-of from his seven Creation albums, 1987-93

Various Artists – One Step Beyond: 45 Classic Ska Hits

History of both '60s and '80s ska hits

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