Ghetto Life

Polanski's heartfelt hymn to Polish suffering in WWII Warsaw


DIRECTED BY David Cronenberg STARRING Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson, Gabriel Byrne, Lynn Redgrave Opens January 3, Cert 15, 99 mins Over the years, with films like Rabid, Videodrome, Crash and eXistenZ, we've come to expect eerie, special-effects-laden, futuristic horror fare from David Cronenberg. His latest is a sinister but understated study of a schizophrenic (Ralph Fiennes) known only by his childhood nickname of Spider. The film opens in the 1980s with Spider checking into a grim halfway house in a run-down area of east London after 20 years in psychiatric care.

The Dancer Upstairs

Costa-Gavras-inspired directorial debut for John Malkovich


Horror story set among the trenches of the First World War

Blood Work

Convincing thriller from ageing legend

Stings Of Desire

Affectionate homage to '40s film comedy

London Underground

Dangerous Liaisons director cuts through to the capital's underbelly

The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

Underrated Billy Wilder movie revived at the NFT

11’09″01—September 11

Eleven short films about 9/11 from 11 directors, including Sean Penn and Ken Loach

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Serpents, spiders and a decent script add up to a spellbinding sequel

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