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Robert Fripp: “My professional life has been so devoid of joy”

Uncut joins Robert Fripp and the latest incarnation of King Crimson in the rehearsal studio to hear about their upcoming gigs, the problems with touring and his setlist plans, in the new issue, out now. “My professional life has been so devoid of joy,” explains Fripp, marveling at his enjoyment of the rehearsals so far.

The new Uncut: Joni Mitchell, Robert Fripp, AC/DC, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, 50 greatest singer-songwriter albums and more!

We’re all still reeling from the shocking news of Lou Reed’s death on Sunday. Reading through the tributes that have poured in over the last few days, the one that’s resonated most with me came from John Cale, who in his wise and moving testimonial to his old sparring partner, wrote: “we have the best of our fury laid out on vinyl, for the world to catch a glimpse”. We’ll be running out own full tribute to Lou in a future issue of Uncut.

Robert Fripp steals the show in David Bowie documentary

I don’t know if you saw it, but BBC2’s David Bowie documentary, Five Years, screened at the weekend, was very entertaining. A lot of the archive footage was familiar, but there were also some splendidly unexpected highlights, like a sequence of Bowie filmed at Andy Warhol’s Factory, which rather vividly suggested that Bowie’s talent for mime isn’t perhaps all it’s cracked up to be in which he pretended to unspool his own entrails and pluck out his heart, a performance that was doubtless accompanied by much sniggering from Andy's crowd.

Robert Plant, Tom Petty, The Beatles, King Crimson, Bobby Womack: inside the new Uncut!

Welcome to the new issue of Uncut! John’s on holiday this week – he was last seen disappearing into darkest Gloucestershire – so it falls to me to show you around this month's edition instead.

Fripp & Eno – The Equatorial Stars

Listless reunion for avant-garde eggheads

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