Film & DVD Reviews


Fierce love and hard drugs in London's East End

The Happiness Of The Katakuris

Fantasy mayhem from prolific Japanese director


Gentle, quirky follow-up to East Is East

The Last Great Wilderness

Meaty debut from Tartan Tarantino

Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

Touching memoir of Chinese Cultural Revolution

Stone Cold Soder

Mind-bending art movie from that most schizo of directors


Bizarre and beautiful trio of tragic love stories from Hana-Bi director

Mostly Martha

Gastronomical German chick flick

Antwone Fisher

Oscar-friendly actor's emotive directorial debut


Faithful adaptation of Stephen King's alien epic

Orifice Politics

Subversive Sundance prize-winner probes the darker nooks and crannies of the human condition

Alligator - Alligator II

John Sayles scripted this Jaws-onland rip-off, with Robert Forster as the cop chasing a giant man-...


Oblique, arcane and infuriatingly sluggish, even by Tarkovsky's standards (makes Andrei Rublyov...

Shakti—The Power

Run-of-the-mill contemporary Bollywood fare—a riot of colour, violence, heavy-duty...

X-Men 1.5

Bryan Singer's faithful take on Marvel's merry mutants is probably the best superhero movie to date...

Strange Journey

Jarmusch, Buscemi and Strummer veer off the beaten tracks with Elvis

Will Penny

Magisterial, tough-hearted 1967 western from writer/director Tom Gries. Charlton Heston is a...

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition

If Easy Rider spelled the end of the hippie dream, then Chainsaw provided the full-blown nightmare...

He Loves Me, He Loves He Not

Audrey Tautou's wide-eyed, innocent expressions are subverted cleverly in this Gallic romance-...


Stylish Norwegian thriller, remade last year by Christopher Nolan, whose version is almost eerily...


Editor's Letter

The new Uncut revealed! Arctic Monkeys, Neil Young, Kate Bush and Warren Zevon in new issue

Next month, Arctic Monkeys play two shows at London’s Finsbury Park to more than 100,000 people, which makes it a reasonable moment to look back at the band’s journey from the Sheffield suburb of High Green to their current all-conquering place in a rock pantheon where they are...