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The 39th Uncut Playlist Of 2012

The 39th Uncut Playlist Of 2012
John Mulvey

This week I seem to have read more people expending energy on how much they despise Mumford & Sons rather than focusing on music they actually like.

Positive vibes here, mostly, as usual. Continuing love for Neil, The Cairo Gang, Heckatin, Ryan Francesconi, Pelt, Holly Herndon, Donald Fagen and Matthew E White (Bon Iver fans, among others, should possibly check the latter out). Number Six is a new project featuring Alan Sparhawk. Number 11 is essentially a ‘70s Miles Davis jam re-enacted by Sunn O))) affiliates. Number 13 is out next January. Number 14 is out now. And Number Nine, as you may have heard, features a variety of farting. This, on that subject, is a good read.

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1 The Cairo Gang – The Corner Man (Empty Cellar)

2 Ryan Francesconi And Mirabai Peart - Road To Palios (listen here)

3 Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – Instrumental Tourist (Software)

4 Holly Herndon – Movement (RVNG INTL)

5 Pelt – Effigy (MIE)

6 Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Psychedelic Pill (Reprise)

7 The Murder Of Crows – Your Battle (Youtube)

8 Aerosmith – Music From Another Dimension (Columbia)

9 Scott Walker – Bish Bosch (4AD)

10 Matthew E White – Big Inner (Hometapes)

11 Fontanelle – Vitamin F (Southern Lord)

12 Emeralds – Just To Feel Anything (Editions Mego)

13 Arbouretum – Coming Out Of The Fog (Thrill Jockey)

14 Sun Araw – The Inner Treaty (Drag City)

15 Donald Fagen – Sunken Condos (Warner Bros)

16 Savages – City’s Full (Pop Noire)

17 Various Artists – Diablos Del Ritmo: The Colombian Melting Pot 1960-1985 (Analog Africa)

18 Alexander Turnquist – Like Sunburned Snowflakes (VHF)


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