The Nectarine No. 9 – Society Is A Carnivorous Flower

Cantankerous mini album of remixes from Scottish provocateurs

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Making things difficult, or at least obtuse, has been a code of honour to Davey Henderson for longer than is decent to mention. Penetrate the multiple misspellings of “Carnivorous” on the sleeve, ignore the faulty track listing and there’s plenty, as ever, to stimulate among the six remixes of “Pong Fat Six”, originally co-written with The Pop Group’s Gareth Sager.

The estimable Future Pilot AKA and various other Henderson peers dismantle the evidently toxic original in different ways, though steam-powered electro and cosmic jazz remain the vague constants. Best-in-show rosette, though, goes to Bill Wells and Norman Blake, who salvage something skittish, glitchy and implausibly delicate out of the carnage.


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